NICARA Enterprise

Enterprise Knowledge Hub for Brain Image Assessments

With NICARA Enterprise you can host all patient data in house. You are allowed to process large cohorts of datasets and implement your own processing pipelines or brain atlases.

    Your benefits

    Your Benefits

    • Brain image assessments for drug trials, research or clinical application out of the box
    • Combination of Morphometry and Connectome assessments in one tool
    • Processing of large cohorts of several thousand datasets
    • Processing of large cohorts of several thousand datasets
    • Hosted as on-premise solution or by a provider of choice in another country

    Our offering

    Our Offering

    Let’s compare

    Let’s compare

    NICARA Enterprise Features SMALL MEDIUM LARGE
    Browse publicly available processed datasets
    Build and compare connectomes and morphometry from raw data
    Create new projects and studies to manage datasets
    Select from a growing library of pre-processed neuroimaging datasets
    Upload of self-processed datasets
    Comparison of in-house data with public and semi-public datasets
    Creation of institution-wide projects
    Collaboration via shared documents, projects and group chat
    Processing raw imaging datasets included per anno unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Number of processing-jobs that run at the same time 2 processing-jobs guaranteed 4 processing-jobs guaranteed 8 processing-jobs guaranteed
    Number of accounts unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Installation on customers hardware on demand
    Optional service: statistical group assessments and results presentation. Prices upon request (e.g., 3 FTE days), later user onboarding.
    Optional service: processing and making available datasets from semi-public sources (ADNI, UK Biobank, HCP, etc.) to which the customer must have personal access. Prices upon request.
    Optional service: manual quality checks of image processing results
    Price for annual licence Upon request Upon request Upon request
    Request a quote Request a quote Request a quote

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