AILANI for Agriculture and Technology

What is hidden beneath the surface? Ask AILANI!

Date: February 20, 2020, Time: 3:00 pm CET


The power of data comes from its context, meaning and the integration of multiple sources. AILANI for Agro achieves this by extracting inferred and hidden insights from your data. The search platform seamlessly integrates agricultural semantic resources with an intuitive graphic user interface to explore, visualize and export your results. In a proof of concept for the regulatory approval of biostimulants, AILANI streamlined the decision process and facilitated supportive work for regulatory approval, thereby helping to accelerate the customer’s innovation cycle. Learn more about AILANI and discover your own knowledge for deeper information during this free webinar for the Agriculture Industry:


  • What is semantic search?
  • How can AILANI help you to find better answers?
  • What does Artificial Intelligence have to do with AILANI?
  • What benefits does AILANI provide for the Agriculture industry?
During the live demo of AILANI you will have the chance to ask AILANI your own questions! To get the most out of the webinar, you are welcome to send us in advance your queries for submission to AILANI during the presentation.

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