Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is one of the most rapidly growing segments at Biomax. Cost-effective DNA sequencing and de novo DNA synthesis have facilitated the emergence and rapid evolution of synthetic biology.

The development of DNA assembly standards, publicly available parts registers for sharing bioparts and computer-aided design (CAD) tools have been instrumental in accelerating discovery.

Biomax synthetic biology solutions address the challenges of putting this innovation to good use. With enterprise-level knowledge management platforms that empower new and emerging molecular technologies, Biomax helps clients meet the challenges of R&D process efficiency and productivity in many areas:

  • Renewable energy sources and biofuels
  • Industrial enzymes
  • Biosensors
  • Drugs, vaccines and antibodies
  • Bio-based chemicals
  • Plastics, textiles and other raw materials
  • Food production

Biomax technology allows researchers to visualize, study, create and alter highly complex pathways and DNA sequences. The BioXM Knowledge Management Environment facilitates the detailed characterization of bioparts with respect to sequence information, part function and performance. Researchers can better assess the quality of the parts and use them to design biological systems targeting the desired functionality. Perhaps most importantly, the BioXM system allows researchers to fully leverage design-build-test-learn iterative approach to create improved biological systems.

Use case: Operational excellence in genetic engineering

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