Drug Discovery

More than ever before drug discovery organizations need to develop novel drugs most efficiently and bring them to market most quickly, while keeping costs under control. Extracting useful, actionable information from diverse omics data is a business necessity, but it also poses daunting challenges in drug discovery and development.

With the Biomax drug discovery platform, highly diverse disciplines, disparate data sources and evolving technologies work together in a complementary, mutually supportive and cost-effective way. Supporting the data-intensive and hypothesis-driven processes of drug discovery research in this way helps clients become more productive and get a higher return on investment.

The BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment combined with the workhorse BioRS™ Integration and Retrieval System provides a flexible and intuitive foundation for discovering novel relationships and patterns in biomedical information networks. Biomax technology significantly cuts the time — and the cost — of developing new drugs from discovery to approval to market, without compromising patient safety or risking regulatory rejection.

  • Rapidly adapt to dynamic research
  • Seamlessly integrate data
  • Deploy comprehensive, large-scale search and exploration
  • Reveal crucial, non-obvious trends and associations
  • Benefit from post-market surveillance feedback

Use case: disease maps in drug discovery

The Biomax drug discovery platform is often used to build disease maps that facilitate a systems approach to drug discovery. This is especially useful for diseases with multi-factorial pathologies involving several pathways. A disease map can be a crucial tool for drug repurposing, providing valuable supportive data to regulators for Off-Label Use applications. Disease maps can be augmented even further using the BioXM text mining tool to mine integrated patent data and assist with Freedom-to-Operate decisions.

Learn about disease maps and more in the Biomax Knowledge Library.
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