Clinical Research

Biomax clinical research solutions help clients make process improvements that move them past stifling inefficiency to realize increased productivity, reduce redundant work and lower costs.

Core Biomax technologies for integrating, managing, mining and analyzing data are used to generate valuable, actionable knowledge and hypothesis modeling for a broad range of clinical research requirements. These solutions empower scientists to quickly identify novel relationships and patterns between biomedical information networks, patient data, clinical trial data, and more — relationships that otherwise may have gone undetected.

Biomax solutions are flexibly tailored to specific client requirements and decision-making processes through configuration, making them ideal for fast-paced research environments. They can be put to productive use much sooner than traditional, time-intensive software development and changes can be implemented while the system stays in productive use.

Use cases: international research projects

In addition to commercial clients, Biomax has pioneered the translation of systems medicine in clinical practice in several research projects. In these projects, Biomax developed disease-specific knowledge bases that integrate clinical data with image analysis pipelines and computational models to generate clinical decision support systems — used for diagnosis, prognosis and eventually prevention.

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