Brain Science

Watch this space! Biomax will soon release the NeuroXM™ Brain Science Suite to give clients a better way to collect, structure, connect, analyze and re-use neurological data.
Built using Biomax’s fully configurable solution, the BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment, the NeuroXM™ Brain Science Suite provides comprehensive information integrated in a unified knowledge model. The resulting extendible network of interrelated brain science concepts gives users a single interface to:
  • Organize, structure and annotate their large neuroscientific and clinical data sets
  • Integrate neuroimaging data with neuro-genomic data (e.g., gene expression and receptor density measurements)
  • Connect to other resources (like the Human Allen Brain Atlas or Brede ontologies)
  • Integrate and use virtually any analysis tool
  • Run comparative analysis across data sets
  • Re-use data to hone experiments or improve patient treatment
Image courtesy of Marcus Kaiser, PhD, FRSB ConnectomeLab, Newcastle University, UK
Rather than searching in disparate databases or multiple spreadsheets, NeuroXM users have a single interface to assess neuroscientific and neuroimaging data smoothly. Researchers can focus on their specific questions and organizations get a greater return on their investment in expensive neurological data.

New possibilities for connectomics

The NeuroXM suite makes it possible to identify distinct structural and functional connections in a brain image of a patient and semantically integrate them with functional, experimental, and neurogenomic information, and other data from public and proprietary sources. This makes it possible, for example, to annotate and analyze data representing a nerve bundle or fiber (and thus a connection in a connectome) with a wide range of other revealing data. The resulting semantic network can be continuously adapted as new information becomes available. With this approach, the NeuroXM suite offers a flexibility not previously known in the neurology field and opens new opportunities in psychiatric diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment. Learn more about Brain Science and the benefits of Biomax solutions in the Biomax Knowledge Library. Contact Biomax to set up a consultative interview or demo.