Biomarker Discovery

Biomax biomarker discovery and validation solutions enable scientists to uncover non-obvious associations between data and delineate composite biomarkers across multiple high-throughput experiments for screening, diagnosis and prognosis.

Researchers are given the power to connect data using a wide range of proprietary and public technologies, shed light on multifactorial disease phenotypes, and recognize discrete and specific biomarkers which can otherwise go undetected.

Biomax biomarker discovery and validation solutions leverage the BioXM Knowledge Management Environment and the Viscovery Data Mining Suite among other modules to provide integrated analysis, hypothesis modeling and knowledge generation — vital requirements to success in biomarker discovery. Integrated knowledge is combined with data analysis results to rationalize patterns, determine testable hypotheses, make decisions and take action. New data is interpreted in the context of functionally interlinked knowledge (from text, databases, computational models, etc.) and new insights emerge. Scientists can identify novel relationships and patterns in biomedical information networks in combination with exploratory and predictive data mining. In addition, functional modules of dense connectivity form starting points for machine-assisted network generation and analysis for cyclical knowledge discovery.

Biomax solutions support all stages — from biomarker discovery to prioritization to validation and clinical applications — with the following:

    • Full access to metabolic pathways, compound, drug and disease databases
    • Text mining of biomarker-related publications
    • Efficient integration of heterogeneous omics data, including sequences (NGS), transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenetics and immunological information, clinical parameters and biological ontologies
    • A rich set of computational algorithms to support biomarker discovery: clustering, differential expression and enrichment analysis, mining for gene and protein expression signatures, network module discovery and pathway-based biomarkers and more
    • Powerful statistical methods for feature selection and evaluating the predictive performance of candidate biomarkers
    • Efficient support for biomarker study reporting standards

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