Biomax solutions for agriculture add a new dimension to applied plant research where agile, multi-focused and knowledge-driven approaches to protect crops, better manage resources or improve plant traits are needed.

As global populations increase and relative crop yields decline, plant researchers are looking for ways to increase crop production. Their efforts are further complicated by ongoing soil and environmental degradation, loss of agricultural land, climate instability and lack of genetic diversity in breeding programs. At the same time, new types of tools to assess target performance and plant quality monitoring are constantly emerging.

High-throughput methods (omics, NGS or high-throughput phenotyping technologies) are increasingly used in plant and crop science to increase the speed of research and discovery. These techniques generate huge amounts of data in addition to the prior knowledge in public databases (covering genes, proteins, phenotypic information, literature and more).

The BioXM Knowledge Management Environment is an ideal platform to semantically integrate these diverse layers of information and map different entities and layers to each other. The system simplifies mining of all information for patterns — across different levels and diverse data sources (from global drought patterns to core genomes to SNP analysis) — and provides the opportunity to act on and profit from the knowledge gained in organizational plant research. Beyond exploring plant genotype-phenotype relationships, the Biomax approach supports collaborative genome comparison and modification that includes the integration of all knowledge and business assets.

The BioXM platform delivers robust and sustainable technology that integrates comprehensive knowledge assets and evolves as new information, research methods, monitoring tools and requirements emerge.

Use case: BioXM Knowledge Management in Plant Genomics

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