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Artificial Intelligence LANguage Interface

for a better search

AILANI is a novel and unique semantic search enterprise solution for fast, easy and comprehensive knowledge discovery. It combines semantic modeling, ontologies, linguistics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in a self-refining system that delivers results based on interrelated meaning of facts.

Get a deeper insight in your knowledge

  • Accelerate your innovation cycle
  • Raise the productivity of your scientists
  • Gain an edge over your competitors
  • Make better decisions by integrating public and proprietary knowledge
  • Transfer knowledge efficiently within your organization
  • Keep the know-how in your company, even if a knowledge carrier leaves your company
  • Provide powerful information resources to your employees anywhere and at every time

Easy access to your brain connectome and transcriptome data required?

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NeuroXM™ Cloud

Customizable solution for your valuable brain connectome and transcriptome data required?

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NeuroXM™ Brain Science Suite

Exploring the world of connectomics and transcriptomics

The NeuroXM cloud system is a novel, unique and cost-effective solution for everyone working with brain data, who wishes to gain a deeper insight into the world of Conntectomics and Transcriptomics. The NeuroXM cloud is a zero footprint solution that requries no hardware installations on your site.

Easy access to brain connectome and trancriptome data

The connectome, the complex map of our brain connections, is key to our individuality, our intelligence and personal preferences as well as our individual vulnerability to brain diseases and dementia. Clinically, impairments of the integrity of brain networks is the earliest indicator of neurodegenerative diseases and a much better predictor of cognitive decline than volumetric assessments alone. However, extracting structural and functional brain connectivity from raw images is time consuming and requires extensive expert knowledge.

With the NeuroXM Connectome Cloud, you have thousands of publicly available connectomes at your fingertips and the possibility to create your own connectomes with a few clicks in an easy to use web portal.

NeuroXM Brain Science Suite

Biomax has launched the NeuroXM™ Brain Science Suite to give clients a better way to collect, structure, connect, analyze and re-use brain data.

Get a grip on brain data

Built using Biomax’s fully configurable solution, the BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment, the NeuroXM suite provides comprehensive information from neuroimaging, molecular biology, neuro-genomic data, public ontologies and data sets integrated in a unified knowledge model. The extendible network of interrelated neuroscience concepts gives users a single interface to collect knowledge, focus on specific questions and get a greater return on investments in expensive neurological data.

Treat the individual with the knowledge of all

With this offering Biomax primarily addresses large and midsize hospitals with a focus on long-term therapies in the field of chronic care. Typical indications are COPD, chronic heart failure, oncology, psychiatric disorders or rehabilitation.

Clinical Integration System is a software solution for an effective management of clinical data and knowledge. Physicians are enabled to perform precise patient stratification during diagnostics and to develop and apply targeted therapies within the framework of personalized medicine.

The unique Biomax software will help you:

  • to integrate and manage a vast network of patient data and information
  • to share best practices and standardized protocols
  • to gain a more accurate knowledge of the patients and their needs
  • to improve the communication across various disciplines and settings
  • to develop novel targeted therapies