Pedant-Pro™ Sequence Analysis Suite

Leverage your sequence data

The Pedant-Pro Sequence Analysis Suite is the most stable and dependable solution for genome annotation.

The Pedant-Pro™ Sequence Analysis Suite performs fast comprehensive, enterprise-scale gene and genome analysis and automatic annotation of large data sets. Deployed in the full enterprise version or used on a subscription basis, the Pedant-Pro software lets you move as quickly as possible from raw sequence to reliable information on protein structure and function.

Comprehensively analyze

The Pedant-Pro suite performs comprehensive analysis of DNA and protein sequences based on numerous reliable algorithms and enables users to manually refine the data with further details. The resulting genome databases constitute a powerful and concise sequence, gene and protein repository — an ideal foundation for efficient research and development processes.

Get a concise overview

Individual gene and protein reports summarize the most relevant results and provide links to public databases and corporate data. Protein domains are analyzed and potential functions are revealed. Clusters of paralogous proteins are detected. Two- and three-dimensional structural properties are assigned. Different types of non-coding RNA and DNA features are also predicted, including tRNA, rRNA and more.

Browse through details

DNA and protein browsers enhance the visualization of the results. The DNA Viewer provides a detailed overview of all structures on the contig. Coding genes and several types of non-coding genes (e.g., for numerous types of RNA) are displayed. The user can browse the contig in freely scalable zoom levels. The Protein Viewer displays a comprehensive overview of all protein features.

Integrate or use on demand

The Pedant-Pro software is delivered with standard workflows which have been pre-defined by Biomax. With powerful scripting interfaces and Web services interfaces, the Pedant-Pro suite easily integrates into complex computing environments and allows further integration of customized workflows and algorithms. Analyses can be efficiently deployed on systems ranging from local machines to industrial-scale computing grids.

The Pedant-Pro subscription service is ideal for shorter-term projects with flexible, pay-as-you-go access and minimal use of computer resources.

Key benefits

With its high-throughput, industrial-scale grid-processing engine, the Pedant-Pro suite offers dozens of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Process large amounts of sequences with multi-method analysis in minimum time
  • Produce comparable results over numerous analyses
  • Create an organization-wide sequence, target, gene or protein repository with manual annotation and curation
  • Provide a central index allowing all scientists to access and annotate information from distributed locations
  • Integrate and analyze high-throughput single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data
  • Easily find potential diagnostic and drug targets matching required properties
  • Simplify strain optimization using SNP information

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