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NICARA stands for NeuroImaging-based Connectome Assessment in Research and Application.

The connectome, the complex map of our brain connections, is key to our individuality, our intelligence and personal preferences as well as our individual vulnerability to brain diseases and dementia. Clinically, impairments of the integrity of brain networks are the earliest indicator of neurodegenerative diseases and a much better predictor of cognitive decline than volumetric assessments alone.

However, extracting structural and functional brain connectivity from raw images is time consuming and requires extensive expert knowledge.

With NICARA, you have thousands of publicly available connectomes at your fingertips and the possibility to analyze your own data by creating individual connectomes on the fly in an easy to use web portal.

The NICARA environment consists of individually combinable modules for building up, browsing, editing and comparing connectomes:

NICARA. Connectome Browser.

The Connectome Browser allows you to explore your own and public connectome data sets from structural (e.g., DWI) and functional (e.g., resting-state) MRI.

Visualize your brain imaging data in a high resolved 3D viewer or as 3D lattice graph.

NICARA. Connectome Builder

The Connectome Builder enables you to automatically perform probabilistic white matter tractography from DWI as well as cortical morphometry measures with just a few clicks.

NICARA. Connectome Comparator.

The Connectome Comparator assists you to compare either full brain or subnetwork connectomes at individual or group level.

You can compare your own data sets with matched controls chosen from public studies like HCP.

NICARA. Connectome Editor.

The Connectome Editor helps you create, explore, analyze and compare connectivity of selected anatomical or functional subnetworks.