The NeuroXM™ Cloud

Easy access to the world of brain conntectomics and transcriptomics

The NeuroXM™ Cloud, consisting of the Connectome and the Transcriptome Clouds, is a novel and unique solution for everyone working with brain data. With it, dealing with multimodal brain data becomes easy and straightforward; it reveals new insights into the brain as never before.

The NeuroXM™ Cloud provides our customers with various software modules for building up, browsing, comparing, analyzing and editing large data volumes.

Via the NeuroXM™ Cloud Integrator data from both clouds can be exchanged and combined.

The Connectome Browser

is the basis software module of the NeuroXM™ Cloud, which allows you to explore connectomes of any imaging modality.

User of the Connectome Browser are able to display 3D lattice graphs of brain connectivity and to combine connectivity from different modalities in one plot. Study and Project datasets can be organized and shared with further collaboration partners.

The Connectome Builder

helps you extract brain connectivity from raw data from DTI, fMRI, MEG and EEG automatically.

Automated standardized workflows allow easy usage, and high reproducibility. The Connectome Builder provides you with fully automated documentation of every processing step from preprocessing to tractography.

The Connectome Comparator

assists you to compare full brain connectomes from two subjects, or from an individual subject with a group average, or the average connectomes of two cohorts. Longitudinal comparisons of the connectome of an individual subject are possible, too.

The Connectome Comparator is applicable for any available imaging modality.

The Connectome Analyzer

treats the connectome as a graph consisting of nodes and links and computes graph related biomarkers such as degree, characteristic path length, clustering, centrality and many more for neurodegenerative diseases or mental disorders.

The Connectome Editor

helps you explore, analyze and compare connectivity of selected anatomical or functional subnetworks.

Subnetworks can be defined on the basis of individual ROIs or by the use of anatomical or functional brain ontologies.

And with just a few points and click operations you will be able to add intraarea, interarea and contralateral connections.

The Connectome Cutter

allows you to define and analyze brain lesions in grey and white matter of the individual subject caused by brain damage or neurodegeneration. This way their impact for the integrity of the entire brain network can be predicted.

The Connectome Simulator

enables the user to predict rewiring of the connectome after white matter and grey matter damages such as MS, Stroke, TBI, Alzheimer’s disease or surgical tissue resection. The Connectome Simulator includes the Model of Structural Plasticity with large experimental evidence for biological plausibility.

Key benefits

  • The Connectome Cloud provides processed connectomes from public data bases, e.g. HCP, UK Biobank and ADNI and creates a “one stop shop” for all brain imaging modalities.
  • The Connectome Cloud provides standardized automated image processing pipelines that are easy to execute by all clinical staff.
  • The Connectome Cloud saves time and resources by running complete image processing workflows on Biomax servers.
  • The Connectome Cloud increases interoperability and reusability by automatically documenting all processing steps as meta-data.
  • The Connectome Cloud and the Transcriptome Cloud combine cross-species transcriptomics with high resolution connectomics.

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