Biomax™ Semantic Search Platform

Your meta-brain for deep analysis

The Biomax™ Semantic Search Platform provides an enterprise search platform for fast, easy and comprehensive knowledge discovery. It combines semantic modeling, ontologies, linguistics and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in a self-refining system that delivers results based on interrelated meanings of facts.

The Biomax Semantic Search Platform integrates a variety of resources: from in-house documents and proprietary libraries to experiments, sequences and clinical data to any public data resource or newsfeed. It seamlessly integrates with existing in-house infrastructures to help you better leverage the tacit knowledge that is buried in your data. Specialized “data detectors” recognize and extract data types and patterns specific to any business area. For example, optical character recognition (OCR) and optical structure recognition (OSR) modules make scanned documents and two-dimensional chemical structures recognizable. By connecting these resources — from decades-old data repositories to the latest free-form text news streams — the Biomax Semantic Search Platform enables real-time semantic analysis of breaking news with respect to your specific data and information sources.

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