BioRS™ Integration and Retrieval System

Empower your research

The new generation of the BioRS™ Integration and Retrieval System offers a secure way to leverage vast quantities of diverse, distributed data and discover what the competition cannot.

The BioRS system seamlessly combines proprietary databases with public or licensed resources, independent of size or location. Clients select from a set of standard life science databases and can integrate additional resources — whether in-house, federated or external — to fit their specific needs. All resources can be simultaneously searched within a unified interface and are kept up-to-date based on user-defined schedules.

Integrate any resources

Run as a stand-alone data integration and retrieval system or as an information backbone supporting other software, the BioRS system lets any database, flat-file or relational, be integrated using simple web or command-line interfaces.

The system’s high scalability, ability to handle growing database sizes and reduced index storage requirements ensure sustainability for future data integration and knowledge management requirements.

Search comfortably, securely and fast

Users can simultaneously search multiple, diverse databases through configured data entry points or perform their own complex queries using convenient strategies like full-text search, fuzzy search, proximity search or native numeric field statistics.

Results are delivered in specially designed views which allow intuitive navigation to specific details. For the global search, shown here, statistics give an immediate overview about the types of results.

Customize your workspace

User-tailored views enable results shown as tag clouds, 3D viewers for molecular and cellular structures, network representations of pathways, context snippet highlighting, quick filtering of results (e.g., by data resources) and more.

Favorite queries and search results can be saved for reuse or adaptation to other use cases. Results can be exported in multiple formats (Excel®, PDF, XML, HTML, FASTA, tab-delimited, etc.) for use with other applications.

Ensure future fitness

The BioRS system integrates seamlessly into diverse computing environments. With high-scalability for growing database sizes and slim index storage requirements, it ensures future fitness and an easy path to full enterprise knowledge management with the BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment.

Key benefits

The BioRS system helps all users — whether occasional, daily or expert — tame vast quantities of diverse data, identify critical information and find the best avenues to pursue.

  • Quickly and seamlessly search all data available in a single unified interface
  • Efficiently combine proprietary data with public and licensed databases, including both flat-files and relational databases
  • Standardize data formats and integrate large-scale, heterogeneous life science and medical data from different sources
  • Coordinate data, processes and projects across multiple departments and facilities to reduce redundant work
  • Connect large teams and share data securely by assigning group-specific roles or privileges to individual users
  • Schedule user-specific automatic updating of data resources

The BioRS system ensures security within a distributed environment and safe, efficient data sharing among team members in multiple locations.

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