AILANI for a smart and most efficient
semantic search and data integration

AILANI combines semantic modelling, ontologies, linguistics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The results are based on interrelated meanings of facts. Queries can be expressed in natural language, so AILANI recognizes the original intention and puts the results in context.

AILANI integrates a variety of resources: from in-house documents and proprietary libraries to experiments, sequences and clinical data, to any public data resource or newsfeed. It can seamlessly be connected with existing in-house infrastructures to help better leverage the tacit knowledge that is hidden in the data. By integrating these resources – from decades-old data to the latest free-form text news streams – AILANI enables real-time semantic analysis of breaking news with respect to specific customer data and information sources.

Originally designed as software for the life science industry, AILANI can also be used in all other sectors, easily being adapted to the various requirements.

New insights with AILANI

With AILANI you can develop new insights based on integration of
internal and external knowledge and accelerate yout innovation cycle.

Having access to all information – public and proprietary – at a glance, decisions can be made even faster and better.

Keyword Results & AI suggestions

AILANI delivers keyword results together with suggestions based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms for concrete answers regardless of the quality of the original search term.

Extensive background knowledge completes the search result.

Integration of all structured & unstructured public and proprietary data

All structured and non-structured data resources can be connected to the system. The system can interface with existing document management systems and relational databases can be connected directly. Web services can be accessed and crawlers can sift through shared data repositories.

Chemical structure information can be extracted and search for in AILANI.

AILANI is available on any browser or mobile device

Showing the most relevant keyword results first, the user has the possibility to efficiently drill down and learn more.

Smart Breadcrumbs allow you follow your search journey. Search can be saved at any time and recalled later.

Users of AILANI can easily set favorites and alerts, thus adapting the system to their individual search behaviours.