AILANI Enterprise

AILANI Enterprise – to integrate company-wide structured and unstructured data, for most efficient in-house data search and analysis.

Your Benefits

  • AI-based semantic search for public and internal databases
  • a corporate user interface to simply access company-wide and external data from everybody everywhere
  • a zero footprint solution for a safe and efficient data search and knowledge management
  • Optimal keyword results and AI suggestions, including:
    • Reports and statistics
    • Concrete answers and instructions
    • Structures and molecules
    • Background knowledge

Our Offering

  • SMALL PACKAGE15 Concurrent users / 1 year / 1 domain-specific environment
  • MEDIUM PACKAGE50 Concurrent users / up to 3 domain-specific environments
  • LARGE PACKAGE500 Concurrent users / 3 years / custom ontologies & unlimited domain-specific environments
Functionality of AILANI Cloud
Public content
Additional content optimized for pre-configured domains
Proprietary content with batch upload of text-based documents on demand
Integration of structured data resources on demand
Proprietary content with direct „live“ integration of internal infrastructure (Document management systems, ELN, other structured DBs, etc.)
Optical Structure Recognition on proprietary documents
Custom AI Models
Personalization personalized “persona” up to 3 personalized “persona” custom ontologies for domain specific “persona”