AILANI Cloud – For intelligent, safe and life science specific search of public knowledge

Your Benefits

  • AI-based semantic search out of the box for public life science databases
  • a corporate user interface to simply access highly relevant external data from everybody everywhere
  • a zero footprint solution for a safe and efficient data search and knowledge management
  • Optimal keyword results and AI suggestions, including:
    • Reports and statistics
    • Concrete answers and instructions
    • Structures and molecules
    • Background knowledge
  • No Advertising

Our Offering

  • PUBLICSearch for free / No account / No Personalization
  • PERSONALSingle User License / Personalized Search
  • GROUPMulti-User License / Personalized Search / Shared Document Tagging and Notes
Phrase/ Concept/ AI search
Chemical Search
Search History
Bookmarked Searches
Scheduled Alerting
Bookmarked Documents, Compounds, Genes, etc.
Document, Compound, Gene, Answer Tagging & Notes
Export of results as table
Export into RIS file for reference management tools
Subscribe to Newsfeeds
Collaboration via shared Document Tagging and Notes
Personalization pre-configured “persona” personalized “persona”
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