NICARA™ for Pharmacologists

Build your own Connectome

Date: December 1, 2020, Time: 3:00 pm CET


With our neuroimaging solution NICARA™ we help clinicians working in the field of mental disorders to classify their patients faster and even better than ever before. Pharmacologists can significantly speed up the evaluation of the clinical efficacy of new drugs and scientists can access data and publications quickly and easily, thus greatly accelerating the success of research, while saving costs.
All of these experts face more or less the same problem: Extracting structural and functional brain connectivity form raw images is time consuming and requires extensive expert knowledge. With NICARA™ you have thousands of publicly available connectomes at your fingertips and the possibility to analyze your own data by creating individual connectomes on the fly.
Join this online Seminar and explore the world of connectomics with NICARA™ and learn how you can easily build your own Connectome.


  • Knowledge Management for Connectomics: Exploring, quantifying and managing thousands of connectomes with NICARA™
  • Process and compare connectomes against matched controls in NICARA™ without being a neuroimaging expert
  • What makes the Alzheimer’s patient connectome different from matched healthy controls?
  • Find the needle in the haystack: Create disease-specific subnetworks to filter connectomes in order to explore putative global effects of local pharmaceutical stimulation

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