Characterize neurological and mental disorder patients with so far insufficient typing

our solution: NICARA

Most advanced morphometry and connectome assessments derived from multimodal brain imaging may help characterize neurological and mental disorder patients, which so far cannot be sufficiently characterized at organ level. NICARA optimally supports your work at the frontiers of human neuroscience with unique multimodal neuroimage integration features in research and clinical application.

Your benefits

Your benefits at a glance

  • NICARA tremendously eases the way of working with multimodal brain imaging assessments
  • In NICARA multimodal image assessments are fully mapped to each other such as Surface Based Morphometry, DTI tractography and fMRI time series correlations to formulate new research questions
  • NICARA uses latest brain atlases such as HCP MMP 1.0 making all assessments FAIR Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-suable
  • NICARA uses standardized pipelines for all image modalities consisting of the best available open-source tools for optimal processing results and maximum comparability with existing processing pipeline results such as HCP standards
  • NICARA offers a wide range of fully processed datasets from publicly funded sources such as HCP or

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