Life science bioinformatics

Developing software and services that advance discovery

Since 1997, Biomax has provided life science organizations with data integration and analysis tools that have accelerated discovery cost-effectively. Expertise in life sciences as well as a fine-tuned understanding of client needs can be found in several Biomax tools including:

Only Biomax brings expertise in science, research and software development together within one knowledgeable provider to guarantee clients with innovative, resource-optimizing tools that impart superior competitive advantages while reducing costs. Key areas of Biomax focus include the following:

  • Knowledge management
  • Semantic integration
  • Computational systems biology
  • Manual annotations of microbial genomes
  • Data curation and analysis

Knowledge management solutions

Accelerating workflow through efficient modeling of science and business

Industry analysts recognize that entirely new approaches are needed to address overwhelming data generation, resource deficits and imploding costs.

They are turning to the BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment.

The BioXM platform is the most highly innovative computational system available for transforming complex, diverse data into useable knowledge. It enables dynamic scientific modeling and solution-building by an administrator who deploys a Web App to the user community. End-users do not require specialized training or even knowledge of the underlying computations to be able to access complete, organized solutions for routine operations.

The BioXM advantage

  • Convert raw data into actionable knowledge
  • Generate patient stratification
  • Enables straightforward agile-solution building

The ready-to-go BioXM software platform empowers users to create, manage and visualize scientific models as an extendible network of interrelated concepts leading to new insights and hypotheses.

Health informatics

Delivering better patient benefits and a reduced cost environment

Building on acquired competencies through core technology development, Biomax has already made significant inroads in Health Informatics.

Biomax is using semantic integration combined with high-level data analysis to generate knowledge that translates into procedural efficiencies for better patient care and reduced costs.

For example, the Biomax BioXM knowledge management platform is enabling clinicians to evaluate for the first time comprehensive clinical activity and to use this knowledge to make better patient-care therapeutic and business-management decisions. Imagine if your organization could do the following:

  • Profile patients against all previously treated patients
  • Predict therapeutic outcome based on a holistic assessments
  • Deliver full transparency on any clinical activity

Biomax scientists and engineers are your edge to discovering competitive advantages and long-term procedural improvements.